FLASHBACK: Wounded-Notorious-armed-robber-Kesselley-Mulbah-using-crutches FLASHBACK: Wounded-Notorious-armed-robber-Kesselley-Mulbah-using-crutches

After escaping justice several times, Notorious Armed Robber Kesselle Mulbah Guilty of Murder Featured

After listening to the case for two weeks, Jurors of the Facts at the Criminal Court 'A' at the Temple of Justice in Monrovia have unanimously found notorious armed robber Kesselle Mulbah alias Kezo guilty of murder.

It can be recalled that in October of 2020, Mulbah was sent to court for the crime of murder at the Criminal Court 'A' after he was found guilty for armed robbery at Criminal Court 'D' and was sentenced to four years imprisonment.

Following his previous trial, the Probation Office at the Ministry of Justice was instructed to a pre-sentence hearing on his character in order for the court to make an informed decision within five days.

Convict Mulbah “killed” a member of a local citizens’ crime watch group, Kapao-Kapao secure INC., while carrying out one of his serious armed robbery missions in Monrovia sometimes last year. 

Convict Mulbah, widely believed to be a “government operative”, had previously been arrested and sent to court on several occasions but had been released on the alleged orders of some higher-ups in government.

Accordingly, in two separate incidents, dated March 2 to August 15, 2020, Kezo committed hardcore crimes in the Baptist Seminary Community on the Robertsfield Highway and Dexville Market Community.

According to police charge sheet, Victim Facia L. McCauley, who is resident of Baptist Seminary Community, informed the police Crime Service Division (CSD) investigation that on Monday, March 2, 2020 that her cousin named Keith Nah went outing with a friend in a Gray Rav-4 Jeep and upon their arrival back home, were attacked by the armed gangs (Kezo and others).

According to her, as soon as one of his nephews identified as Alex Flomo Jr. opened the gate, three unknown men armed with single barrel rushed in the fence and placed Keith Nah, his friend and Alex Flomo Jr. under gun point. Additionally, pepper sprayed them and made away with some items.

The criminals then stole items including a Gray Rav-4 Jeep value US$9,000, one iPhone valued US$1,600 and Samsung Galaxy Note -8 valued US$400 and one Al-pod valued at US$150 among several others.

The second victim from the armed robbery case, Oumaru Barry and other residents of Dexville Market Community told the police/CSD Investigation that on August 14, 2020 about 2:30pm, some unknown men armed with cutlasses, single barrel guns and others deadly weapons forcibly entered their various business places and made away with several valuables and cash.

They explained that during the process, the gun men placed them under gun point before taking away their valuable items, which include: one park-9 worth US$120 and cash of US$ 300 among items. Another victim, James Zayzay indicated that several items including phones.

During police investigation of Defendant Kesselle Mulbah, alias “Kezo” he denied his involvement into said crimes ranging from armed robbery to murder.

The investigation established that suspect Kezo and others to be identified went in the Baptist Seminary Community and placed victims Nah, Flomo and Keith Nah’s girlfriend under gun point, pepper sprayed them before making away with their properties including cash along with the gray Rav-4 Jeep.

The investigation also established that suspect Kesselle Mulbah and others to be identified were armed with cutlasses, single barrel guns and other deadly weapons went in the Dexville Market Community and forcibly entered victim Oumaru Barry’s tea shop.

The report revealed that Barry was placed under gun point before making away with the these properties, including a cash and they also went to victim. 

The investigation furthered showed that during the armed robbery at Dexville market community, the Kapao SecureLiberia Inc. team responded on the crime scene and immediately went after one of the perpetrators in person of Kezo who was in a stolen gray Rav-4 Jeep while escaping from the team.

Defendant Mulbah intentionally hit and knock down victim Vafoday M. Karvah of the Kapao group, who was taking to the JFK Medical Hospital, but was pronounced dead on arrival by doctor on duty.

In the process of the Anti-robbery unit/CSD bravo, Pursuing Kezo, he opened fire at the agents and the standoff led to him (Convict Mulbah) to sustain bullet wound on his left leg.

Based on that, he was acquainted with his constitutional rights, thoroughly investigated and subsequently charged with the Criminal offenses ranging from conspiracy, armed robbery and murder which is in violation of chapter 10,15 and 14, section 10.4 and subchapter C, section 15.32 and section 14.1 of the revised penal code of the Republic of Liberia.


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