Renewing Our Commitment For 2022

As we begin the year 2022, we want to wholeheartedly renew our commitment to all that we will remain unbending in the execution of our noble task.

As in the past, we will strive to provide accurate, balanced news and information on issues at home and abroad. We will also continue to promote unfettered freedom of expression and of the press, contribute to human growth and development and champion human rights as well as advocate for a safe environment-the reasons The Independent Authoritative Heritage newspaper came into existence in 1996.

Our reaffirmed commitment is embedded in Our Mission Statement-“The Truth Is Our Guide”. While we unpretentiously acknowledge our constraints in the discharge of our professional task, we will unreservedly accept constructive criticisms in the enhancement of works.

However, we will categorically reject criticisms that have to do with settling of scores-no benefit to the Liberian people and the world at large we dearly serve.

We have consolation in the support be it moral, financial or otherwise we continue to get from our people—the Liberian people and the rest of the world that truly see our patriotism and passion to see our nation liberated from bad governance, especially fraud, waste and abuse.

In this vein, we will also leave no stone unturned in exposing those who think they can make everybody kowtow to their roguish and corrupt ways at the expense of the majority.

Frankly, we have no pride in dealing with con-artists and thieves. We rather remain poor and are respected than get rich while our country and people bleed from the unscrupulous actions of few unpatriotic and self-centered people.

To this end, we will continue to damn the governors when the need arises; we will equally give them their kudos when the occasion demands This is our renewed commitment for the new year, 2022.



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