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Liberia: Bishop Warns Govt to Reopen Churches Or Else… Featured

In the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, a renewed Liberian clergyman, Bishop Dr. Leo M. Simpson, has called on the Government of Liberia (GoL) to reopen churches across the country, warning that, “Liberia is playing with God and it is not a good sign for a nation that was built on Christian Principle.”

According to him, the current health crisis is what he termed as a dressed rehearsal as the worse is yet to come, and therefore, the reopening of churches is crucial and pivotal at this time.

In an interview with our reporter on Thursday, April 30, 2020 on the Old Road, outside Monrovia, Dr. Simpson said the ongoing global crisis is a testimony of what is written in the Holy Bible about the end time where there will be wars, drought, pestilences and others, something he said, is currently taking place across the globe.

Dr. Simpson, who is also the Principal of the Haywood Mission Institute also located on the Old Road, outside Monrovia, made reference to St. Matthew 24 in the Holy Bible. He said it is prudent to reopen the churches in the country, because according to him, the church is the refuge gate for all, especially in times of crisis.

“There is power in corporate worship and this is the time to implement it,” Bishop Simpson pointed out. Bishop Simpson asserted that it is unacceptable to reopen the doors of market places, supermarkets, drug stores, gas stations and many others but shut down the doors of God.

“Liberia is playing with God and it is not a good sign for a nation that was built on Christian principle,” the prominent Liberian clergyman warned. However, he acknowledged that observing social distancing, washing of hands and observing other health protocols in this crisis period are very important, and the church as a responsible institution can instruct its members to abide by all health measures and even reduce the number of members during services, maintaining that churches need to reopen.

He averred that one can follow all of the health measures, but once God does not agree, things will not work.

“Now that the churches are closed in Liberia and the world over, yet the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases are increasing, including deaths, so what is the need to closed down God’s house,” Bishop Simpson wondered.

Though there is a state of emergency which limits the rights of people to certain level, Dr. Simpson argued that the right to freedom to worship in Liberia has been trampled upon by the same government who should be protecting it.

Meanwhile, the Haywood Mission Institute Principle alleged that there is a planned attempt in the making to have what he called a one global government, one church as well as the direct remote control of the entire world by a set group of people. But he did not provide evidence to support his allegation, which remains unsubstantiated.


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