House Speaker Dr. Bhofal Chambers’ month-long visit to the United Kingdom/Great Britain House Speaker Dr. Bhofal Chambers’ month-long visit to the United Kingdom/Great Britain

Following Visit to the British Parliament, Chambers Reloaded Vision

The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Dr. Bhofal Chambers, has disclosed that his recent visit to the British Parliament has reloaded his vision about parliamentary and legislative politics in contemporary representative democracies.

Speaker Chambers says whilst in the United Kingdom, he held several engagement meetings with some British officials and the Liberian diplomatic corps and was privy to the British Parliament in regular sessions.
According to Dr. Chambers, he witnessed the cross-pollination of ideas, opinions, and sociopolitical interest articulations being manifest in different styles, utterances, and models, occasioned by high acrimonies, multifold views and opinions across chambers, yet synchronize for the best interest of the British people and humanity. 
The Speaker says he intends to work with his colleagues with new vigor and aspirations in the best interest of the country, irrespective of the different political persuasions and opinions, between and amongst members of the House of Representatives, and the chambers-relationship of cordially with the Liberian Senate as the two bodies of lawmakers that make up the bicameral legislature of the Liberian government architecture.  
Dr. Chambers has therefore expressed gratitude to the host of his colleagues in leadership who stirred the affairs of the House of Representatives smoothly, whilst he was away.
The Speaker says he is now in the country following a month-long visit to the United Kingdom/Great Britain, and it has coincided with the second break of the Legislature as call-for, by law.
Meanwhile, the House Speaker has divulged that he takes cognizance of a communication from President George M. Weah requesting the return to session of the Legislature for 30-day in line with constitutional provisions Article 32(b) which grants the President, the legalily, to do so. The Speaker says he believes that the Legislature stands ready in compliance with the President, in the best interest of the Liberian People.
A Proclamation from the President states, that it was a matter of national exigency that the lawmakers returned to the session. "Whereas there still exist some time-bound critical national issues which must be resolved as a matter of urgency, and cannot await the return of the Legislature in October 2022, including inter all, the appointment of a new Chief Justice, setting of a new census date, the passage of the amendment to the New Elections Law, and ratification and passage of other significant instruments pending before the Legislature.


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