An empowerment project for People Living With Disabilities Laudable

The official launch of an empowerment project for people living with disabilities in the country is timely and laudable.

We are told the US$250,000.00 Government of Liberia(GoL) sponsored project, which was formally launched over the weekend, primarily seeks to help members of the group who have medical issues, provide education for those who need it and as well as funding for others who are interested in making business.

Some of the beneficiaries, who attended the program, could not hold back their joy, as the empowerment project has brought relief to them, as it will help take them off the streets of begging.

We understand that the official launch of the empowerment project was prompted by incessant calls made to the Government of Liberia (GoL) for support to the disabled community.

For us, we wholeheartedly join others in commending the GoL and the leadership of the Pay-Bayee for the realization of this empowerment project, which has been described as redemption for people living with disabilities.

We believe this human driven inventiveness could not have come no better time than now when the people living with disabilities in the country are in dire need of empowerment through skills training and others.

With the official launch of this empowerment project, it is our hope that it will help change the narrative of the people living with disabilities in the country, especially getting them off the streets.

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