Rep. Aspirant urges youth to work towards their destiny

Rep. Aspirant urges youth to work towards their destiny

A Representative aspirant for Montserrado County Electoral District #3 has urged Liberian youth, especially members of the student community to work harder in order to achieve their destiny.

Serving as guest speaker at the seventh graduation convocation of the Yatta Memorial Institute in Paynesville, outside Monrovia, Abenego D.R. Massaquoi, pointed out that if Liberia is compete among the comity of nations, its youth have to be determined by working harder to achieve their destiny.

“Your destiny can only be achieved by your hard work and effort. You must work towards what you want to do and who you want to be, and always be proud of every positive step you take,” said Mr. Massaquoi.

Mr. Massaquoi, who is the Assistant Director for Monitoring and Evaluation at the National Port Authority (NPA), indicated that one of the best ways for youth to achieve their destiny of becoming useful in society is by prioritizing their education.

“As I earlier indicated, you must work towards your destiny as it lies in your own hands and the best way out to do this is to focus on your education by taking it very seriously. You can acquire your destiny through your effort and you need to work towards that. No matter you are, you must not change negatively because of that. Do not fail simply because of your background,” he encouraged.

As a means of contributing towards the achievement of the students’ goals, the Montserrado County Electoral District #3 aspirant provided a full scholarship to the dux of the K2 class and three scholarships to be decided by the school’s authorities.

He vowed to help the dux of the senior graduating class (12th grade) into her higher education sojourn, while at the same time pledging L$15,000 towards the school’s operation.

In similar tone to the guest speaker, the highest honor (dux) of the senior graduating class, Student Kebbeh S. Korweh, urged fellow graduates to take their education very seriously.

Like many, Student Korweh believes that education is the best tool for every individual and nation to develop, and as such, she wants every parent and guardian to give their children quality education.

“It is never too late; you need to make a U-turn of your life through education. The Yatta Memorial Institute is the best place forward,” she noted.

Kebbeh then urged her fellow graduates not see the high school diploma or WASSCE certificate as a stopping point, but rather as a steppingstone to forge forward.

“This should not be your limit or stopping point, rather it should be your stepping stone. We must make use of our education for the transformation of individual life and the future of our country nation,” she added.

The Principal of the Yatta Foundation Institute, Madam Tchuku A.T. Jusu, is proud that all of her 26 students sent for the regional test (WASSCE) made a successful pass.

As a true mark of excellence, Madam Jusu assured the public of her institution’s commitment in moulding the minds of the youthful population through quality and affordable education.


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