'Stand Tall For Your Place in Society' - ABIC Boss tells Women & Youth

'Stand Tall For Your Place in Society' - ABIC Boss tells Women & Youth

As the country gets prepared and readying for the much-publicized and what is expected to be a politically tense and charged 2023 Presidential and Legislative Elections, women and youth have been reminded of their meaning role in the electoral processes and the society as a whole.

Madam Yvette Chesson-Wureh, Establishment Coordinator of the Angie Brooks International Center (ABIC), urged women and youth to stand tall as they play their meaningful role in the nation's growth and development, noting that those roles must be played before, during the elections and far beyond.

The ABIC boss sounded the caveat at the weekend in Gbarnga, Bong County at occasion marking the 'Eminent Women' training activities in the county.

The just ended training was held under the project titled: "Sustainable and inclusive peace in Liberia through promoting women leadership and participation in civic and political life and their strengthened role in conflict resolution."
Cllr. Chesson-wureh, a well-inclined rights activist, pointed out that the destiny of the country mainly lies in the hands of women, who are most noted for their influential role in society and peace making as well as the youth, who make up more than half of the country's population.

"We need to take this country in our hands to lead the promotion of peace. Our destiny is in our hands. Women let's take this country in our hands. It is you and the youth that control the direction this country would go next," stated the ABIC Establishment Coordinator.

"Remember that the politicians' children are not here but it is our children that are being used to cause the damage for their political desire. Everyone in here and elsewhere, once you are a Liberian, you have the freedom and right to a political party or candidate of your choice, but you must stand tall in making wise decision, because any decision you make will be binding on you for the next six years," warned Cllr. Chesson-wureh.

In a special warning to the youth community, she urged them to play meaningful role void of violence by not allowing themselves to be used as militants by politicians to cause chaos.

"Do not be militants for any body. They must bring their children to be their own militants. You are not the dogs or cats to be sacrificed. You must play meaningful role but don't engage into violence," she warned.

The ABIC boss then craved women's full participation in the ensuing electoral processes, noting that the just ended project of ABIC was meant to instill changes in women by making them to step out and speak for their rights and others.

"You must participate fully and not be an observer or bystander in the political parties. Women must be able to stand up and speak for the greater good of society."

Former Foreign Minister and now Chairperson of the Board of ABIC, Madam Olubanke King-Akerele, called on Liberians to hold together as one people with one common goal.

By doing so, she advised not to allow themselves to divided by politicians.

Madam King-Akerele, also a former Minister of Commerce and Industry, specifically called on women to emulate the example of Gbarpolu County Senator, Botoe Kanneh if they are to take their place in society.

"This program is meant to prepare you; women, for leadership role in society. But in doing so you must emulate the example of Botoe Kanneh. We want women to take charge of this country," she encouraged different women groups at the occasion.

Several other eminent women at the occasion also underscored the importance of women's roles in societal growth and peace and security with a retrospective look at the roles of Liberian women to the current peace the country is enjoying.

"You are responsible for the peace of this country and you must ensure that it remains peaceful and stable at all times. You must engage and remain engaged to ensure that our peace is furher solidified," asserted Madam Ophelia Eliza Hoff, one of eminent women.

"We all made the sacrifice to come and sit here because we love our country and our people. Liberian women played pivotal role in bringing an end to the war as they spoke with the fighters to lay down their guns," added Madam Maureen Shaw, another eminent woman.


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