A group photo of the MRU Delegates including the MRU SG, Ambassador Medina A. Wesseh.  A group photo of the MRU Delegates including the MRU SG, Ambassador Medina A. Wesseh. 

MRU Official Preaches Doctrine of Peace and Unity Within the Union


The Chairman of Sierra Leone Mano River Union (MRU) Technical Commission on Administration and Finance (TCAF), Peter Sam-Kpakra, has stressed the need for members of the Union’s secretariat to reconcile their differences if the Union must achieve its mandate of solidarity and move forward.

The Mano River Union is a professional inter-governmental organization that is made up of various departments such as the Technical Commission on Administration and Finance (TCAF).

In his opening remarks on Monday, October 25, 2021 during the opening session of the 13th Extraordinary Session on the Mano River Union (MRU) Technical Commission on Administration and Finance((TCAF), Mr. Kpakra expressed disappointment over outstanding internal wangling amongst its member states and called on the Union’s secretariat to immediately use the four working days they have gathered together to firstly resolve the outstanding long conflict before moving forward to discuss the main budget issue.

The four-day gathering, which is taking place at the Muzex Plaza in Sinkor, Monrovia, is to review and assess the administrative activities of the secretariat following its June meeting, which was held in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

“If I am going to say anything as opening remarks, it is for us as general members of TCAF to solve these problems. The Union secretariat is stagnant, it cannot move. We have been on this problem for a very long time, from Ivory Coast to Sierra Leone. The MRU was created as solidarity; I hope that solidarity must exist amongst members of the secretariat,” stated the Sierra Leone Chair.

He then appealed to each member to put aside their differences and work together with a united force, averring that the review and assess of the budget cannot be achieved in the mist of confusion.

“Let us look at ourselves like brothers and sisters and move the secretariat forward. Whatever finances that is coming to discuss, if the members of the Union are not speaking with one voice, the problem will escalate and we will not be able to achieve what we supposed to achieve,” he added.

For her part, the Secretary General of the MRU, Ambassador Medina A. Wesseh, in her opening remarks, told the body that her leadership has been able to identify other major challenges aside from financial constraints in the first year of her four- year leadership.

She noted that in spite of the many and grave challenges, her administration has worked and continued to work in the interest of the MRU, adding that a new five- year strategic program plan has been laid out and is pending review and approval at the Union Ministerial Council Summit Level.

According to her, once those plans are approved, and a resource mobilization plan is put into place to raise initial resources, it will be incumbent on the Ministerial Council to determine a new mandate.

Amb. Wesseh stated that working at international organization is a unique experience that should not be taken for granted, asserting that, “The countries will take note from your work that going forward those who come to leadership at the apex of this organization must be people of technical competence and experience. The MRU is a professional intergovernmental organization. The work of the secretariat is clear and the functions of the various departments are clear.”

Among other things, the MRU SG urged the members to take the matters that would be discussed at the conference very seriously and put professional recruitment for technical competency to the fore if the organization must realize and actualize the vision of the MRU.


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